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Russian Girls and Gifting Flowers

Know everything about Russian girls and gifting flowers to them. It’s no secret that women LOVE flowers as gifts. It is just as true (maybe even more so) for Russian women as they take into account the way that you present flowers (or your choice), is a direct link to how she will be treated (by you). Giving flowers as gifts to Russian women will (most of the time) be very memorable moments and enjoy accepting them for many reasons because what’s more beautiful than a lovely bouquet of flowers? If you know or have any Russian women in your life and really want to make an impression, here are some of the things you will have to avoid. Don’t make these common mistakes through simple, cultural differences!

Tips To Gift Flowers to Russian Girls

29 red roses

Stay Away From Carnations!

It is a common Russian custom to bring red orchids to the graves of their loved ones that died as a result of war, t honour them. If you present some red carnations to any Russian woman, they will certainly be offended and take this wrongly. The red carnation is most commonly used on the 9th of May (Russian Victory Day) for the same effect on a National level at the Red Square in Moscow.

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Avoid Even Numbered Flower Bouquets!

Russian culture has been accustomed to presenting an odd number of flowers as gifts due to the fact that giving flowers in even numbers is a bad omen. Again as with the red carnations, any number of even flowers placed on graves is also a tradition. So the point? Keep those bouquets odd numbered! You don’t want to upset your Russian recipient.

Don’t Gift Old Flowers

If your flowers do not last very long (due to not being fresh or other reasons), Russian women will think that your relationship will not last very long either. You need to pay close attention to the flowers you are buying for not only the above reasons but for any crumpling or yellowing of the leaves. You need to buy the freshest flowers possible if you are to impress any Russian women in your life.

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Stay Away from 13!

Yes it may be an odd number, you might think, but the problem is that 13 is the unlucky number in Russia (as with most cultures). When you arrange that odd numbered bouquet, avoid 13 at all costs!