How Will You Confirm That My Delivery Has Been Successful?
It doesn’t matter how big or small your order is, as every single one will have a delivery confirmation sent once completed. If for some reason, you haven’t been in contact with the recipient, then you can always give us a call at +447452285386. Alternatively, you can send us an email and allow us to give you a personal confirmation of the order’s successful delivery. If you would like more specific and detailed information on this subject then please visit our Delivery Information Page

Shopping Online- How-To
• Choose a product (or products).
• Select any extra additions you desire.
• Enter all of the details for your recipient.
• Add a personal message to the order (you can also opt for cards).
• Organise the delivery
• Choose which date the delivery should be carried out, and include the recipient’s address.
• Enter all required billing information
• Choose your method of payment and enter all required information.
• Confirm your order.
*Please note that once you have made your first order, your email address and password can be used every time you enter the website for quick and efficient future orders.

Can I Ask for a Certain Time for My Order’s Delivery?
Unfortunately, we can’t actually confirm the exact time that the order will arrive, only that we can deliver in the morning (before 1 pm) and afternoon. If you enter your particular choice of delivery time zone into the ‘Special Delivery Instructions’ (found in the Delivery Information Page), we will be able to deliver either in the morning or the afternoon for you. Also, when major holidays come around, it is also impossible to advise what time your order will be delivered.

Where Do You Source Your Flowers?
We have a fantastic selection of flowers from many different countries and also source out the freshest flowers from our most trusted global suppliers. We have a large selection of flowers imported directly from Ecuador, Colombia, and the Netherlands as the conditions for flowers to grow in these countries are immensely favorable.

Am I Able to Include Notes or Cards in My Order?
As described above, you can opt to leave a card or note in your order, in which you can enter the text you require, AFTER selecting the bouquet you desire. All of our cards are designed especially for us by The Floral Atelier and will be secured to your order once it is sent out.
How Secure is my Payment and Information?
Your security is a top priority for those of us at Moscow Florist and we do not take it lightly at all. We implement and utilize the latest standards required in online payment security and are all conducted through a completely secure and authorized area. Take a look at the padlock icon at the bottom of your monitor and see hover over it to see the details.

How Can I Refer Your Website/Company?
Any word of mouth to friends and family is very much appreciated but to add the icing on the cake, any Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest mentions and shares would also be amazing! We love to look after our customers, and glowing reviews are the best way to achieve a growing business. Thank you in advance!

Do You Deliver Orders to Places Besides Russia?
If you have any orders that require delivery to anywhere outside of Russia, please get in contact via the details below, where our friendly and professional staff can happily assist:
Call: +447452285386
Email: [email protected]

Do You Get in Contact with the Recipient Before Deliveries?
We may get in touch with the recipient if it is required to make sure that your delivery is carried out as quickly and efficiently as possible, or you can alternatively list your desire to contact them (or not if it is a surprise) in the ‘Delivery Notes’ field hen placing your order.

What is Your Display Currency?
We display everything in United States Dollars (USD)
I Have Other Questions Not Covered Here
If we have not covered the questions you may have in this FAQ then please contact us at your leisure on:

Just How Committed to Confidentiality is russiafloristshop.com?
There is nothing more important that the security and protection of your personal information and online payment experiences, which is why we have displayed EXACTLY what our process is.
The website will utilize ‘cookies’, which will understand the products in your shopping cart, however these ‘cookies’ do NOT store any personal information, rather an identification code. Russiafloristshop . com’s website will secure the information as you continue throughout the purchase process. After only one day from the transaction date, all of the personal information you stored in the website’s ‘cookies’ will be deleted and we do NOT give ANY of your information out to any third parties.
We then carry out some order reports to hold onto some of the required information for smooth deliveries but it is NEVER used for updates and information from russiafloristshop.com. However, if you opt for such updates, we are happy to oblige.
Lastly, credit card details and other sensitive information of the like are not kept or stored anywhere in our servers, and once the transaction is successful, these details are promptly wiped and deleted.

Is There Somewhere I can Leave Some Specific Instructions?
If there is anything at all that you need to add to the order, in terms of contact details or some extra specific requirements, then please don’t hesitate to contact us via email on:
[email protected]

These requests will passed along promptly to our florists and suppliers.

Is russiafloristshop.com an Internet Company or Actual Florist?
Located in St. Petersburg, Russia, our physical storefront delivers many orders on a daily basis, among the many other stores we also have located throughout Russia.
Can I Purchase Orders Without a Designated PayPal Account?
Of course you can! PayPal offers many buyers a safe and secure way to conduct online transactions, without actually needing a designated account. You will still be directed to PayPal, but the extra security will be available when you opt to pay with credit card, via PayPal. Simply click ‘Don’t Have A PayPal Account?’

How Secure Are My Credit Card Details?
As mentioned earlier, russiafloristshop.com does not keep ANY of your credit card details on our servers (or even see them) as Realex, one of the largest, global payment providers handles all transactions remotely.

What Are Your Substitution Details?
Sometimes we may not have certain items in stock and by going ahead with some of our recommended solutions, you will save more time and allow us to deliver your order as fast as possible. We will create a similar design, for the same cost or higher (at no charge to you) and we can guarantee that there may only be a slight difference noticed in the order.

Is the Recipient’s Digital Picture Guaranteed?
Unfotunately, for the following reasons, we cannot actually guarantee the recipient’s digital picture:
• The recipient advises the courier that they do not wish their image to be taken.
• The recipient might not actually be at the address when the delivery arrives.
If you wish to have a photo of your friend and the order together, we can most certainly provide that, however it needs to be okay with them. Please refer to our Photo Gallery of Deliveries to see the high quality images our company can offer.