Russia Florist Shop

Important Delivery Information!

Please read through the following information so that we can ensure a successful delivery. Our staff are fully trained to deal with a number of assortments and customized orders.

Standard Delivery Conditions

You will need to provide all of the following information in order to receive you order in a timely and efficient manner. Please double check all of the details you enter when ordering a delivery to avoid any unfortunate mishaps.
Recipient’s Contact Details
Your intended recipient’s phone number is a minimum and we usually request mobile numbers to get in touch if there are any issues with delivery. We cannot deliver the order if the recipient is not home or unreachable.
Recipient’s Address
Again, as with the contact details, we can’t deliver an order if we don’t know where it is going. Please enter the correct address and any other details which would help us find the house speedily, such as unit number, colour, style etc. The ‘Additional Comments’ section is free for you to enter any extra directions you may need to add.
Delivery Time
We will do our best to meet your requirements regarding delivery times but we may not be able to meet them on every occasion. Please leave any extra details required into the ‘Additional Comments’.
Additional Information
The famous ‘Additional Comments’ section that has been mentioned above previously, you can use this field for any of the extra information or details we need to get your order delivered as fast as humanly possible. The more you give, the more we have to work with.
‘Nobody Home’ Policy
In the event that the intended recipient is not home, our drivers will do what they can to try and make sure the order is essentially delivered, however these are usually the steps we take in these cases.

1. The recipient is contacted (unless otherwise instructed) and will make the necessary arrangements to best deliver the order.
2. If this is not possible or if it is okay with the recipient, the driver leaves the order with a neighbour and a Flowers Made Easy notecard at the door, indicating where it can be collected.
3. If we cannot find a solution, the order is returned to our store and we will get in contact with you to decide what should be done.
Hospital Deliveries
There are many hospitals which do not allow flower deliveries so please make sure any deliveries to hospitals have been researched prior to your order. It will allow us to deliver your order faster and in a more efficient manner.

Urgent Deliveries

There are cases where we can assist with urgent orders so if you need something like this, contact us directly on 0035312176100 and we can organize something with you.

Same Day Delivery
Flowers Made Easy will take care of same day orders if it is possible, or we will enlist our professional team of local florists if we cannot reach certain delivery areas.
Next Day Delivery
We can provide next day delivery anywhere in Ireland and is carried out from our base here in Sandyford, Dublib (Flowers HQ). In doing so, we are able to provide the freshest and fastest flower gifts possible!
Public/Bank Holiday Delivery
We are open on all public holidays, apart from the 1st of January. Everyone needs at least ONE day off!

Sunday Delivery
We are also open on Sundays so we can offer orders and deliveries on these days!